All organizations are operating under changed conditions with the Covid-19 crisis. The safety of our employees and those of our clients are of primary concern and we will act in accordance with local and state regulations and guidelines as well as taking what we consider to be reasonable precautions in all business dealings.

With the current situation much work that would previously have been conducted in a face-to-face manner is now being managed remotely. Working virtually is a strength of Market-Partners. We invested ten years ago in a sister company, 3gSelling LLC, that is a recognized leader in the design, development, and delivery of blended learning with an emphasis on using live virtual for the delivery of collaborative and training workshops. The methods used by 3gSelling won the Gold Award for innovation at the CLO Forum and were used as case studies by Adobe and Citrix. Given the current limitations on travel and face-to-face meetings, Market-Partners is leveraging the expertise and approaches from 3gSelling to translate what would previously have been classroom style meetings and workshops to the virtual space. It is important to note that we do not simply take the materials and approaches we would have used in a conference room and deliver them over the web. We restructure and redevelop our programs for effective delivery in the virtual world.

We have also leveraged this deep experience and leadership thinking to help sales professionals that now must utilize virtual technologies with their own customers. We have investigated how the pandemic and economic uncertainty has changed buying patterns. We have integrated this new knowledge into all our consulting services and training programs.

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted March 19, 2020

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