Some time ago, a client of ours introduced us to Seismic. She saw the synergy between their technology and our consulting practice, and what a relationship between us could mean for more effective sales and marketing. After using the service ourselves, we made it a point to become a certified partner, offering a full suite of services to maximize both adoption and business results for Seismic users.
We believe it is time we share the thinking that brought us together and continues to deepen our relationship: exciting new approaches for sales and marketing, our ever-evolving research into how customers buy, and pragmatic tips and tricks we have discovered through our work implementing and maintaining the Seismic Enablement Cloud.

So, we are pleased to announce Epicenter – the center of Seismic insights. This monthly Market-Partners Inc. newsletter will offer new, exclusive content for our subscribers. In fact, you can register right now and get the first issue containing three articles you won’t find anywhere else:

We also invite any Seismic users to contribute and help this community grow. If you have a success story, best practices, or some hard won experiences, we would love to share them here in this digital publication.

– Martyn Lewis & Stu Schmidt

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted June 22, 2022
Announcement, Epicenter, Resource, Seismic

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