Delta Company, a provider of advertising and marketing services, was suffering from flat revenue growth, and lacked the data to understand the cause.  Sales leaders were having a difficult time managing the pipeline and forecasting accurately.  Sales reps were spending a greater proportion of their time engaged in non-selling activities, waiting for RFPs and reacting to customer requests rather than selling proactively.  A sales process had been developed in response to these issues, but front-line sales managers and sales reps were hesitant to use it, instead choosing to manage opportunities their own way.  The lack of consistency around opportunity management made it impossible for sales leaders to obtain a clear view of the pipeline and focus the sales team on selling activities.  Without accurate data to manage the business, senior sales leaders were unable to address and correct the problems underlying Delta’s flat revenue growth.

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Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted August 1, 2012
Case Study, Resource

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