Sales Training Offerings

We offer a series of standalone and discrete training workshops to introduce the concept of Outside-In Selling™ to an organization. These can be offered as off-the-shelf programs or customized to fit specific requirements. Our training programs are all offered utilizing blended delivery formats to ensure they are not one-off events. They are supported with work assignments, application guides, and coaching guides for participant’s managers to actively coach on newly acquired skills and methods.

Latest Sales Training Offerings

SE01 Selling in a Post-COVID World with Seismic

Two-day onsite program, or a series of five 75 minute live virtual workshops

“Selling in a Post-COVID World with Seismic” provides the much-needed framework for solving today’s sales challenges. This includes a detailed strategy on how to leverage the Seismic enablement platform to become more connected to prospects and clients through their Buying Journey. 

IN01 Outside-In Selling™

Two-day onsite program, or a series of five 75 minute live virtual workshops

Decades of experience in successfully delivering sales training programs, and 15+ years of research come together to create the first complete sales training program that is based entirely on how buyers buy. Rather than follow the well worn path of training sales professionals on an internally focused sales process, this program inverts the focus and places it squarely on managing a prospective customer through their end-to-end Buying Journey. Based on the book “How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t” the program provides the sales approaches that are required to meet today’s buyer where they are. As has been said about the book “It turns traditional sales training on its head.” Delivered in either a classroom setting or a series of live virtual modules, this proven program delivers what sales people need to survive and thrive in today’s buyer-centric world. 

IN02 Outside-In Selling™: Mastering the Virtual Sale

Series of two 75 minute live virtual workshops

2020 brought unprecedented and totally unexpected changes to the world. Sales professionals who practiced their craft largely around face-to-face meetings are now no longer free to walk the halls and meet and greet customers. The world is now adjusting and adopting new ways of communicating, meeting, and working. Ways that are predicted, at least in part, to stay with us even after a return to “normal.” Through these changes we have seen the old road warriors turn into the new desk jockey.

It has become imperative that sales professionals adopt new approaches to be successful in this virtual world. Over the past several months, we have spoken with customers and decision makers to discover how they are now buying differently, and it is clear that we must rethink how we approach sales calls. This goes well beyond simply knowing the tips and tricks of Zoom. This sales training program has been developed to provide sales professionals with the keys to these new selling approaches in a highly pragmatic and engaging manner.

AC01 Strategic Account Management

Two-day onsite program, or a series of five 75 minute live virtual workshops

A hands-on approach to reviewing an overall account, determining what the total opportunity may be and then developing specific plans to maximize revenue growth and customer satisfaction. The program uses the concepts of Outside-In Selling™ approach. Friction points in the likely Buying Journey are studied to discover how to maximize both short and long term sales success.

PL01 Effective Pipeline Management for Sales Managers

Two-day onsite program, or a series of five 75 minute live virtual workshops

The core principals of Outside-In Selling™ are used to consider the pipeline as a series of opportunities moving through customer’s Buying Journey, rather than a sales process. Sales managers are introduced to the notion that pipeline management and forecasting are the vital signs of a sales organization so that they can understand and manage what is really happening in their business. 

The program provides a highly prescriptive and effective model for reviewing and managing sales pipelines and opportunity reviews with team members. The approach is significantly different from the usual consideration of these activities as being simply reporting and administrivia that take time away from the number one job of selling. Instead, the workshop provides powerful ways in which to understand and maximize the business opportunity through effective pipeline analysis and review.

PL02 Effective Pipeline Management for Sales Professionals

One-day onsite program, or a series of five 75 minute live virtual workshops

Participants are introduced to the core principle of Outside-In Selling™ that sales opportunities actually move through a series of stages in a customer’s Buying Journey. Overall sales goals are then broken into a series of pipeline segments and targets. A series of methods are also introduced to help sales professionals build and manage healthy pipelines, maximizing short and long term success.

About Our Training Programs

Market-Partners Inc. offers a comprehensive lineup of training programs that can be configured to your business. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can help. Market-Partners Inc. also offers custom program design, development and virtual training services using our innovative, best-in-class live virtual training approach.

Who We Train

When it comes to sales training, we’ve never subscribed to the idea that one size fits all. That’s why Market-Partners Inc. offers sales training that’s geared toward different roles within the sales organization so as to address the unique training needs of each.

This approach allows you to select a particular area of development or to provide your entire sales organization – from field sales people to sales channel partners, managers, directors and VPs – the opportunity to apply a suite of highly effective sales approaches and tools built around a unifying approach to sales for your organizational selling strategy.

Custom Virtual Training

Market Partners Inc. offers a proven approach to the custom design, development and delivery of live virtual training that will transform your training requirements into highly impactful, highly engaging and results-driven virtual training programs. Do you have training needs not met by our core training programs? If so, we can help.

The Market-Partners Inc. approach to live virtual learning experiences can be leveraged for almost any kind of sales, marketing, customer experience, or leadership training. We partner with you to understand your unique training requirements and business goals and then we design, develop and deliver a customized training program using the highly effective Market-Partners Inc. live virtual training format. Whether the program is based on your curriculum or on one of our established training areas, the result is the same: better and faster results, increased ROI, reduced costs and a richer, more dynamic virtual training experience for participants.

Here’s a very quick breakdown of the Custom Virtual Training process:

1. Design

Whether you want to build a new training program from the ground up or modify an existing Market-Partners Inc. program, we partner with you to design a custom solution based on your unique training requirements.

2. Develop

Once your program is designed, Market-Partners Inc. handles all aspects of program development for you, including presentation materials, production books, work assignments and learning tools.

3. Deliver

Market-Partners Inc. creates an immersive, media-rich virtual training experience that’s broadcasted live. We structure programs to integrate learning, on-the-job application, peer collaboration and coaching.

4. Results

When you partner with Market-Partners Inc., you get better, faster and more sustainable training results that top anything you’ve seen with other virtual training approaches, as well as traditional physical classroom training.

Engagement Style

Application of new knowledge and skills is a giant hurdle in most corporate training programs, whether delivered in a physical or a virtual environment. But the failure to apply isn’t the fault of the learner, it’s the fault of the program design.

Where Broadcast Media Meets Professional Training

Most forms of e-learning have their place, but when it comes to delivering transformational learning experiences over the web, it’s hard to overstate the importance of a live, instructor-led approach.

At Market-Partners Inc., we’ve taken this idea and run with it. Borrowing strategies from the world of broadcast media, our programs bear little resemblance to simple webinar-style training. The unique Market-Partners Inc. live virtual delivery approach includes:

  • A rich virtual learning environment with high production values
  • A highly trained virtual delivery team that includes multiple “on-air” presenters engaging in a dialogue rather than monologue
  • Facilitated collaboration among the learning group, including formal breakouts
  • Multimedia content, including dynamic video and graphics to efficiently illustrate key concepts
  • Razor-sharp scripting techniques that allow for improvisation and interaction—combined with careful time management
  • Using a variety of tools built-in to the learning platform that facilitate a multi-directional flow of information across the learning community
  • Mechanisms for monitoring individual participation and ensuring learner accountability

The Importance of Good Design

At Market-Partners Inc., we believe that learning is a process, not a singular event, and our live virtual training programs are designed from the ground up to integrate learning, on-the-job application, peer collaboration and performance coaching to create a multi-pronged, immersive and ongoing learning environment.

We call our approach Integrated Learning, and it allows learners to actively apply learned knowledge, skills, information and tools to their actual jobs over the course of the entire program – and long after.

With repeated reinforcement from facilitators, peers and asynchronous online learning tools, Integrated Learning supports consistent, long-term adoption and application of the curriculum. This in turn increases program impact and drives improved ROI and training results.

Architecture of Market-Partners Inc. Live Virtual

When it comes to changing behaviors – and engaging learners who are unmotivated, think they already know everything they need to know or can’t clearly see how training will benefit them – live virtual delivery is the critical interface that elevates training from being merely informational to being truly transformational.

Based on Market-Partners Inc.’s years of R&D to develop our capability and approach in this area, the following model outlines the optimal continuous learning architecture that we leverage to ensure customer success.