We live in a world of overwhelming information. Our buyers are constantly bombarded with emails, social requests and, even still, cold calls. Combine that with the irrefutable MPI-Tip – that buyers always have more solutions they could buy and implement than they have the money, resources, skills, and time to implement – and you can feel like there’s an almost impossible mountain to climb when it comes to motivating your prospects to engage.

Yet despite these challenges, there is something you can use to help increase engagement across the buying journey – video! Here are just a few research-based statistics:

Videos get 380% more clicks than a text-based calls-to-action (CTA).

Videos are shared more than 12x as often as text combined with pictures.

59% of senior executives prefer video over ANY other content type.

The exciting part? Any user can now create a video directly in the Seismic Enablement Platform! This video can then be used in both a LiveSend email and in a Digital Sales Room (DSR).

If you are a Seismic tenant admin, here’s how to enable video creation for your Business Users:

1. Go to “Settings” → “System Settings” → “WorkSpace Settings.”

2. Check the “Allow Recordings” option and click “Save.”

Now every Business User will have the ability to record their own videos directly in their Workspace simply by clicking “New” and selecting “Video.” The recorded video will be saved in the “Recordings” sub-folder of the user’s WorkSpace, which can then easily be moved to any other folder in the WorkSpace. Once the video is saved to your WorkSpace, you can include it in a LiveSend or DSR just like any other piece of content.

Here are some MPI-Tips for using video in your LiveSends and DSRs:

Make it personal. Use the first names of the people you are sending it to. For example, “Kerry and Scott, I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me earlier today to discuss…”

Keep it short. A video that introduces the prospect to a DSR or content in LiveSend should be no more than 30 seconds long.

Show some energy. Looking directly at your camera, smile, and be authentic while speaking clearly and emoting energy and enthusiasm for working together with them. Briefly describe the content you are sharing.

Make the video the first (or top) piece of content. In a LiveSend, add the video to the Content list and then drag it to the top position. In a DSR, insert the video right below your banner image.

Keep the videos fresh. When updating a DSR with new content as the buyer progresses through their buying journey, record a new video each time, giving a short description of the context and content you are sharing. Always put the latest content above content previously shared.

A little production value goes a long way. Use a desktop video light and a good quality microphone. While you don’t need a professional recording studio, good lighting and sound are key factors for separating you from the crowd.

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted September 1, 2022

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