Buyers need your help before they need your solution.

If “need” were the criteria for making a purchase decision, wouldn’t more folks be buying?

Maybe the problem isn’t about what you’re selling.

Making a buying decision is hard!

More than three-quarters of the customers Gartner surveyed described their purchase as very complex or difficult.

Indeed, more than 83% of your buyer’s decision making is spent getting internal buy-in from colleagues, bosses, and budgets to decide to make a change figuring out how or what will be included in the change, and agreeing how to move forward.

That’s 83% of a buyer’s time independently focused on internal change criteria (ie: criteria that has nothing to do with buying anything).

That means buyers spend less than 17% of their journey interacting with your sales people.

You’re seeing a very small part of the decision you need to influence.

Rather than “understand needs” to find prospective buyers and pitch solutions, facilitate willing buyers through their Buying Decision, to the point where they understand exactly what they want/need, and how/when they will buy – and then sell.

All buyers must do this anyway, with you or without you. It might as well be with you.

Why not use your industry knowledge to help them figure out how to traverse their decision steps efficiently?

Using the decision steps that we codify, you can facilitate them quickly through their process and be right there with them, when they’re ready to buy.

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted July 2, 2021

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