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Market-Partners Inc. offers a unique, research-based, market-proven revenue growth approach grounded in the outside perspective of how customer’s buy… and why they don’t. We work with companies to accelerate their revenue growth by mapping their Customer’s Buying Journey, providing Transformative Consulting Services and through a portfolio of Sales Training programs.

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Wherever You May Be In Your Journey,

Market-Partners Inc. Can Help

Sales Management
  • Poor forecasting
  • Sales cycles that are viewed as too long
  • Sales pipelines that lack accuracy and/or transparency
  • When a more systematic approach to deploying and managing a sales force is required
Training and Coaching
  • When there is too diverse a difference between the highest performing salespeople and the lowest
  • Long ramp-up times for new hires
  • When sales coaching seems to be a hit and miss affair
  • When it is unclear what sales development and training is most important
Market Engagement
  • When it is believed that a more customer-centric approach is required
  • Transitioning sales organizations to more consultative or solution selling approaches
  • When a new offering or market will require a different selling approach
  • Value propositions that don’t seem to have the power they once did
  • Failing to gain, or taking too long, to gain market traction
Opportunity Management
  • When there are multiple decision makes/influencers in the buyers organization that can’t agree or align
  • When a higher-than-expected number of proposals don’t close as expected
  • Losing sales opportunities at late stages, especially to “no decision”
  • When customers still don’t buy even after a compelling ROI presentation
Organizational Gaps
  • Gaps between MQL and SQL’s – especially when too many MQLs are rejected by sales
  • Gaining alignment and coordination through the organization to a selling approach
  • When there is apparent lack of coordination between the sales and marketing organizations

Buying Journey Mapping

Our robust, qualitative market research gives clients actionable insight into their customers’ end-to-end Buying Journey. Our analysis reveals how and why customers start a Buying Journey, the steps they go through well beyond just purchasing, their motivations, their key activities, who gets involved, their buying concerns, and their decision-making approaches.   

Transformative Consulting

Our consulting services enable organizations to successfully adopt Outside-In™ approaches throughout their sales and marketing teams. Each engagement is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs and organization. We offer a complete suite of solutions, from strategy through to implementation, all grounded in change management practices.

Sales Training

Our custom and turnkey sales training workshops provide proven approaches to adopting Outside-In, placing the focus externally on managing the Customer Buying Journey. Each program is up to date with how customers are buying today, and come with choice of in-class, live virtual or hybrid delivery, supported by highly focused, asynchronous learning modules.

Technology Enabled Sales and Marketing

The only way to reconnect sellers to buyers is to take a more precise approach to starting and managing the conversation across the Customer Buying Journey. The goal must be to deliver relevant, personalized, and valuable content to a buyer, and the only way to do that is to know where they are in the Buying Journey, their role, and what would bring them useful insight.

Since our inception in 1995, we have been focused on one thing – helping companies gain traction and revenue growth in their target markets through a deep understanding of how their markets actually buy. We focus on companies globally, from start-ups to industry giants.

Based on 15 Years of Research

Market-Partners Inc. is the leader in end-to-end Buying Journey mapping and management. Our research provides actionable insight into the way markets buy, as featured in the best-selling book, How Customers Buy… & Why They Don’t.

Turning The Focus Outside-In

Buyers are buying differently. It’s time to start selling differently. See how Market-Partners Inc. blows away the outdated concept of “sales process” and brings the focus to mapping and managing the Customer Buying Journey.

Featured Clients

Market-Partners Inc. serves a broad cross section of clients from start-ups to industry giants around the world. Whether you are in healthcare or high-tech, our universal methodology is proven to help businesses excel in any industry. That is why we are trusted by over 120 clients in 40 different countries. Our programs have been translated into 17 different languages and empowered more than 87,000 salespeople to start selling Outside-In.