Transformative Consulting Services

We start by decoding the specific market’s Customer Buying Journey and then crafting a highly effective Market Engagement Strategy. We develop the Outside-In™ Customer Buying Journey Navigator that provides a scalable, repeatable approach to sales, all based upon how the customer actually buys.

The mPath™ Approach

We provide a suite of transformative and strategic consulting services with the level of support you desire.

  • We work with companies in emerging markets to help develop Outside-In™ approaches to gain traction and accelerate revenue growth.
  • We work with multi-nationals to design and gain adoption for highly effective global sales approaches based upon managing the specific Customer Buying Journey.
  • We work with marketing organizations to create engagement strategies and approaches for each stage of the specific Customer Buying Journey.
  • We work with organizational leadership to craft maximally effective business strategies based upon how the market buys.

The consulting services we offer follow our four phase mPath™ approach, all designed to understand the specific market’s Customer Buying Journey and then to develop and gain adoption of optimal sales and marketing approaches.

Phase I: Mapping

We map the buyer’s end-to-end Customer Buying Journey by using in-depth customer interviews, a robust process, and proprietary analysis methods to unlock actionable insights. A comprehensive report is prepared illustrating the target market’s end-to-end Buying Journey with details of each step, the value drivers, buying concerns and overall buying style. For many organizations this will be the first time they have seen “under the covers” of what really happens when a customer moves from interest through the stages of commitment to acquisition and adoption.

At this stage we can optionally conduct an internal readiness assessment examining current selling approaches and benchmarking against how the target market buys.

Phase II: Strategy

Based upon a clear understanding of the Customer Buying Journey we facilitate a process to develop a Market Engagement Strategy. The process examines the optimal point in the Customer Buying Journey in which to engage, the approach for doing so, and then how the company will remain relevant throughout the Customer Buying Journey, resolving or mitigating the various buying concerns. Different approaches can be compared looking at the alternative costs, implications and opportunities. This is the critical stage of determining, based upon how the customer buys, how the company will go to market. Essentially developing the overall strategic sales approach, rather than leaving it to each and every salesperson to try to discover their own path through the selling/Buying Journey through trial and error.

Phase III: Development

With the overall Market Engagement Strategy determined the Outside-In™ Customer Buying Journey Navigator can be developed.  We facilitate the process by which the optimal selling activities are determined that synchronize with each step of the Customer Buying Journey.  The notion of a sales process is left behind as the entire focus is now placed on how the Customer Buying Journey is actively supported and managed. The Outside-In™ Customer Buying Journey Navigator provides a simple yet highly powerful approach to an effective, scalable, predictable, and managed approach to sales and revenue growth.

At this phase we can optionally assist in planning the transformation and adoption of new selling approaches including sales skills assessment and requirements.

We also offer a marketing alignment workshop to synchronize marketing tools, messages and vehicles to the target market’s Customer Buying Journey.

Phase IV: Enablement

The enablement phase usually starts with the Outside-In Selling™ Workshop. It is this workshop that introduces the new selling approach to the sales force. We offer a series of sales skills and sales management workshops that would all be customized to the specific Outside-In Selling™ strategy and approach.

We also work with clients to ensure that their sales tools and technologies integrate with, and support, the adopted strategy and selling approach.

We stay engaged with our clients to provide support and coaching, ensuring organizational accountability and focus for the change and success process.

Project and Change Management Services

We always surround our work with project and change management services.  This ensures that there is a clear working approach and plan. We provide the support and leadership our clients require for success when undertaking a transformative project. We develop change management and communication plans with our clients to ensure a smooth and rapid adoption of new Go-To-Market approaches.