Why Market-Partners Inc.

Market-Partners Inc. maps the Customer Buying Journey deeper and more robustly than anyone else, and no other firm has more experience in helping organizations manage their buyers throughout their journey. If you are ready to advance your sales and marketing strategies to truly customer centric approaches, Market-Partners Inc. can help.

The Outside-In™ Difference

Whether you are looking for new sales training or a complete overhaul of your go-to-market strategy, it can be difficult to know which firm is best for your project. As you would expect, we are always assessing our own clients’ end-to-end Customer Buying Journeys. We survey our buyers each year and ask them what makes us different. In their words, here are twelve qualities that set us apart.

Who We Are

What We Do

How We Do It


Market-Partners Inc. is the only company offering a full sales and marketing approach based on mapping and managing the end-to-end Customer Buying Journey.

Uniquely Developed

No off the shelf training or canned approaches. Engagements are always based on deep, relevant insights into the specific market.

Results Oriented

Proven short-term and long-term results from working with organizations big and small across multiple industries.

Ever-Growing Research

A commitment to significant and on-going investments into intellectual property, tools and technologies.

Processes that Work

Delivering sales and marketing processes in a manner that sales individuals embrace and quickly adopt into daily activities.

Emphasis on Listening

Engagements start by building a comprehensive knowledge of the current organization in order to identify the real opportunities and how best to capture them.

Decades of Experience

From growing startups to overseeing established executive boards, team members boast an impressive track record of “in the trenches” experience and success.

Straightforward Style

Focus on delivering results through fixed-price engagements with agreed-upon scope and deliverables.


Bringing best practices and approaches to conduct swift, powerful engagements without being superficial or assumptive.

Unparalleled Expertise

Subject matter experts, published authors and sought-after speakers on the topics of sales and marketing. Worked with thousands of sales professionals since 1995.

Global Solutions

Understand the need for consistency across the enterprise, while at the same time appreciating, and offering the capability of, regional and geographic uniqueness and sensitivities.

Easily Intergrated

Ability to integrate existing processes, tools, or methods which have been proven to work, not simply replacing what works for its own sake.