As a follow up to the workshop we delivered at the annual Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) 2021 Conference, our CEO and Founder, Martyn Lewis, hosted a virtual micro-workshop focusing on developing and deploying a sales methodology based upon managing your market’s Buying Journey.

This free micro-workshop followed our 30-30 format. The first 30 minutes was an interactive presentation of the content summarized below. Afterwards, those wishing to explore the topic deeper were invited to stay an additional 30 minutes dedicated entirely to questions and discussion.

Watch the first 30 minutes here.


For decades, Market-Partners Inc. has put forward the argument that the days of pulling a buyer through a sales process are long over. The only process that results in acquisition is your customer’s buying process, which is why the role of the salesperson must become positively managing their buyers through the stages of their end-to-end Buying Journey.

The good news is that within a specific market, customers buy in a remarkably similar way. By mapping and decoding the Buying Journey DNA, an organization can develop the Market-Engagement Strategy – a sales methodology for their customers’ way of buying. This strategy serves three functions: to navigate the buyer through their Buying Journey, to positively influence the buyer’s decision-making process, and to help salespeople remain relevant at each step.

The Market Engagement Strategy can be translated into action by creating the Buying Journey Navigator. This powerful tool defines both the exit criteria and optimal selling activities at each step of the buying process, providing the organization with a singular, customer-centric selling approach synchronized to the target market’s Buying Journey.

Another important aspect of the Buying Journey Navigator is that the steps of the Buying Journey have now become the stages of the Sales Pipeline. This gives management a transparent and robust way to measure and manage the business. Moreover, salespeople now have an objective criteria for each step, allowing them to better identify leads and opportunities, know where prospects are in the Buying Journey, and dramatically increase forecast accuracy.

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Martyn Lewis and the Market-Partners Inc. team will continue to host new 30-30 workshops every month. The best way to stay updated is to follow us on LinkedIn for all things Customer Buying Journey.

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted June 14, 2021
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