Are you unable to make the Shift ’22 Executive Summit or the 2022 SAMA Global Summit? You’re in luck! Market-Partners Inc. CEO and Founder Martyn Lewis will be doing a special follow-up session in his classic 30-30 format: a 30-minute micro-workshop followed by a 30-minute open discussion for those wishing to dive deeper. Register for the free event, November 10 at 10 AM PST, here.

The gap between sellers and buyers is widening. It is well supported that today’s buyers will get over halfway through their buying journey before reaching out to a salesperson, and when they do, sellers find that buyers are more informed than ever before. Our research also shows sellers are now involved in less than 10% of a customer’s buying activities. But this is not all bad news. The remaining 90% of buying activities represents the largest opportunity sellers have. They can not only use the activities to engage earlier in the buying journey, but also stay engaged, leveraging relevant content that buyers cannot get anywhere else.

In this micro-workshop, Martyn Lewis will share Market-Partners Inc.’s latest research and insights, showing how this gap has widened to a chasm. Then, he will explain how with the right strategy and the Seismic platform, your organization can reconnect sellers to buyers through precision marketing, customer centric selling, and deliberately initiated and managed engagements.

3 Takeaways from the Session

▶ An understanding of the urgent need to change how we sell in today’s market.
▶ The five steps to synchronize your selling with modern buying.
▶ The three imperatives to adopt a customer-centric selling approach.

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted October 24, 2022
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