our_pov_300Over the past 12 years, Market-Partners has been researching how businesses and individuals make buying decisions.  Our perspective on what constitutes a “buying decision” extends beyond deciding to issue a purchase order or pull out a credit card.  In fact, it constitutes the entire process by which a business or individual becomes aware of an offering, develops interest in it, then makes a commitment to acquire and then to adopt it.  By taking a holistic perspective that spans the entire Customer Buying Journey, from awareness to adoption, we are able to develop a deep understanding of how markets function including how alternatives are considered and why offerings may not be acquired and adopted, despite a clear value proposition.

In addition to in-depth interviews with over 1,300 individuals spanning 900 companies across the Americas, Europe and Asia, we have spent over two years testing and validating hypotheses and observations which have allowed us to formulate some grounded assertions about how markets buy.

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Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted January 4, 2015

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