I have a passionate belief: the sales pipeline should be one of the few fundamental business tools – an essential instrument on the dashboard of any business owner, executive, sales leader and indeed sales professional. It should provide true insight into where the business is, and where it is going. It should provide clear direction about market dynamics and exactly what is, and isn’t working. It should also provide clarity for short- and long-term investments. Sadly, and all too often, I find that an organization’s sales pipeline falls short of this measure. This need not be the case. I believe that organizations that try to function without a robust and accurate sales pipeline are running far too much on hope, and are spending a totally unnecessary amount of time and energy trying to backfill in other ways. So, here is an article about how to think, perhaps differently, about the sales pipeline in a manner that will deliver the business results that you need in today’s world.

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Written by Martyn Lewis
Posted March 26, 2021
Blog, Resource

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