Last week, David Dulaney invited Market-Partners Inc. CEO, Martyn Lewis, onto his show to discuss mapping the end-to-end Customer Buying Journey, what we have learned from it and how it can help you in our prospecting and sales efforts.

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This episode is also available on iHeartRadio, Spreaker, BrightTALK, as well as the tenbound website.

Thank you again for having us, David!


00:58 – David introduces the episode’s guest, Martyn Lewis

01:10 – Martyn Lewis, Market Partners, and How Customers Buy and Why They Don’t

03:55 – Discovering unexpected buyer behaviors and how it changed the sales process

05:58 – What we should be doing differently in this advent of technology

06:38 – A market is a series of buyers that buy in a similar way

08:05 – Buyers’ concerns are what stop them from buying

10:26 – Addressing more than the 10% of your buyers’ concerns

11:28 – Focusing on how we can be of help to the buyer

12:38 – Starting the research on the buyer’s journey

14:46 – Balancing the prospecting and finding out where the buyer is in their journey

17:30 – Gaining power and control

19:44 – Meeting with a buyer? Send in the questions before the call

21:08 – Precision marketing: when you’ve decoded the buyer journey

23:05 – Why buyers would not buy

24:55 – Where to get in touch with Martyn Lewis

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted February 5, 2021
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