Martyn Lewis, and his company Market-Partners Inc., have been mapping Customer Buying Journeys for 20 years. In fact, they were the first consulting firm to flip the emphasis from the product and why someone should buy, to the customer and how they buy. They have mapped well over 150 Buying Journeys for offerings as diverse as high technology, medical equipment, healthcare services, financial services, industrial equipment among many more. In their work they have talked to more than 2,500 buyers. Their research and associated findings have now been published in the book “How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t” which has received 5-star reviews, been featured and quoted by Forbes, Inc. Selling Power as well as being nominated as a must-read business book by UXPressia.

In this webinar Martyn will share how they see customers buying differently in today’s world and the vital importance of mapping a market’s specific Buying Journey. He will use case studies to underscore the importance of how today’s sales, marketing and service organizations must be aligned and optimized to support and manage the customer through their specific Buying Journey.

Topics covered will include:

• How buyers are buying differently.

• Why the Outside-In approach of managing the specific market’s Buying Journey is the key to business success.

• How to decode the “DNA” of a particular market’s Buying Journey.

• The 6 strands that comprise a market’s Buying Journey.

• The 3 fatal mistakes when mapping a Buying Journey.

• How mapping the Buying Journey must be the first step for any go-to-market strategy.

• Examples of using UXPressia to map the Buying Journey.

• With a Buying Journey mapped, the 5 critical elements of a go-to-market strategy.

• Positively influencing and changing the market’s Buying Journey

The webinar is delivered in a high energy fashion with ample time for questions and the sharing of best practices. A quick reference guide summarizing the content of the webinar in a useful checklist format will be available for downloading to all webinar participants.

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Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted April 16, 2021

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