Whether you’re still mapping out your specific market’s Customer Buying Journey or already have a completed map in front of you, the question remains — how best to use it? It’s time to take the drive into developing and deploying business strategies based on this innovative perspective.

For decades, Market-Partners Inc. (MPI) has put forward the argument that the days of pulling a buyer through a sales process are long over. The only process that results in an acquisition is your customer’s buying process, which is why the role of sales and marketing must become managing customers through the stages of their end-to-end Buying Journey. Similarly, post-sales should focus on supporting the customer on their way towards full adoption.

In this presentation, MPI CEO and Founder, Martyn Lewis, will explain how this customer-centric perspective can be taken beyond CX and UX and translated into both the Market Engagement Strategy and Customer Buying Journey Navigator. These two tools are the cornerstones of the Outside-In™ approach, outlining optimal business activities at each step of the end-to-end Buying Journey to predictably guide customers from initial interest to satisfied use.

Topics will include:

‣ You’ve mapped the Customer Buying Journey… now what?

‣ Developing the Market Engagement Strategy

‣ Translating your strategy into a selling and CX approach

‣ Building the Customer Buying Journey Navigator

‣ Operationalizing around the Customer Buying Journey

‣ Aligning and enabling the entire organization to the Market Engagement Strategy

‣ Gaining clarity in roles and responsibilities across the organization

‣ Results of adopting the Outside-In™ Approach

The talk will be followed by the Q&A session where you can ask Martyn your questions.

Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted July 8, 2021
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