Seismic enables organizations to transform go-to-market approaches. Successful adoption depends on more than just technology. The Blueprint for Success provides a pathway and a series of best practices for gaining sustainable business results.

“Buyers are buying differently. It’s time to start selling differently.” Most sales and marketing organizations have felt the turn of the tides and have already begun righting the ship with more customer-centric strategies. A cornerstone of these approaches is rightfully the Seismic Enablement Cloud, a tool which enables organizations to meet buyers where they are today. However, like with most success formulas, the tools and technology serve as only half the plan. A successful business transformation to truly reconnect sellers to buyers requires clarity of vision, careful change management, supporting processes, and stakeholder alignment to achieve adoption and sustained business results.

In this session, Martyn Lewis will share that very Blueprint for Success, a detail approach proven for more than 20 years within organizations from early startups to Global 2000 enterprises. An approach that addresses the important interplay between technology and change management, between the key players and new processes that will ensure lasting business success with Seismic. This blueprint will help your organization coordinate vision, bring in the voice of the customer, and gain stakeholder commitment, all being highlighted with best practices and case studies.

3 Takeaways from the Session

1. The roadmap for successful organizational adoption of new technology and selling/marketing practices.

2. A series of best practices for managing change and gaining stakeholder alignment and user adoption.

3. The three imperatives to adopt a customer-centric selling approach.

Enable. Engage. Improve.

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Written by Market-Partners Inc.
Posted September 12, 2022
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